Argina and Gadinia Family

The development of Shell Argina and Shell Gadinia trunk piston engine oils reflects the challenges facing the marine industry; designed to meet the latest engine and fuel requirements, they can help to improve engine protection and, ultimately, lower maintenance requirements.


Although investing in the latest engines to help improve fuel efficiency is attractive, these engines can place increased stress on their lubricating oils.

  • Elevated operating temperatures can lead to accelerated degradation of some oils. This increases the risk of deposit formation on the piston undercrown or in the crankcase.
  • Smaller sump volumes can lead to rapid base number (BN) depletion and viscosity increase. Modern engines can have a low specific lubricating oil consumption (SLOC). For poorer-quality lubricants, this canmean high oil stress and reduced service life.
  • The ability to use different fuel types means that lubricants have to cope with a greater variation in fuel quality. Shell Argina and Shell Gadinia have been fully reformulated with our latest additive technology to cope with these new challenges and are designed to perform under very stressful operating conditions.